NDIS Request

We have had many lovely customers with NDIS plans order products from us such as our Fluffy rug, Mattress Toppers, Hoodie and Acupressure Mats. Ask your support coordinator or plan manager if you are not sure what you are able to order. 

We are not a registered NDIS provider but we can certainly make an invoice that you can pay yourself if you are self-managed or forward to your plan manager.

How to request an invoice

If you would like to request an invoice from us, please send us an email (support@dreammataustralia.com) including the following details:

- Participant name

- Product details (size, colour, quantity)

- Shipping/billing address, name and phone number

- NDIS number

We will then send through an invoice and link to pay via an instant payment method (card, PayPal etc) or bank details for bank transfer. 

Please use your invoice number in the description of bank transfers. Please email us the remittance once paid. 

We are here to help! If you have any questions, send us an email and our friendly team will assist: support@dreammataustralia.com